What is a womb song?

A womb song is an original song written just for your baby.  The song conveys your personal hopes, dreams, and love for your unborn baby, and is a simple and powerful gift to your baby and yourself that you will remember forever.  A womb song is simple to sing, and you can sing it to your baby in utero every day as a way for them to become familiar with the song and with your voice.  Studies show that when parents sing the same song to their baby in utero every day, the baby actually recognizes that song after they're born, and are more easily soothed when they hear it! 
Imagine having a special song written just for your baby, and getting to sing it to them right after they're born as a way to welcome them to the world - that is what a womb song is!

Here are some examples of womb songs that I have written: 


What is a lullaby, and how is it different from a womb song?

A lullaby is a simple, soothing song that is used to calm your baby and help them get ready for sleep. A lullaby is a wonderful way to help your baby learn a bedtime routine, and can help them know that they are loved, cared for, and safe.   While similar in some ways, womb songs and lullabies have their differences:  first, a womb song is written for your baby before they're born, whereas a lullaby can be written either before or after your baby comes into the world.   Secondly, womb songs can have an upbeat feel, while lullabies are always slower and more soothing in nature.  

What does the process of creating a womb song or lullaby look like?

To create a womb song, I meet with expecting parents any time during pregnancy (usually the second or early third trimester is best, since it gives you time to sing it to your baby before they make their grand entrance into the world).  This first meeting usually lasts about 30 minutes and can be done either in person or over Skype or FaceTime.  During this meeting I discuss with the parents their hopes, dreams, and love for their baby, and I take lots of notes.  I also find out what style of music they want the womb song to have (a folky tune? Maybe an upbeat reggae feel? Or how about a lilting 3/4 time waltz?).  Most parents want their song to have an original tune, but some want the words put to the tune of a song that's already been written (such as Brahms' Lullaby, also known as "lullaby and goodnight,"  or "rockabye baby").  Then I  put the parents' words to music, using their exact words as much as possible.   Once I've written the first draft of the song, I record a rough track and email it to the parents.  They listen and tell me if there are any tweaks or changes they want made, and then I make those changes and record a final version.  The parents receive a final mp3 of their song and a PDF of the lyrics.

The process of creating a lullaby is very similar, the main difference being that the lullaby can be written either before or after the baby is born. The lyrics and message of the lullaby will have more of a soothing, calming feel, and often tells the baby that they are very loved, safe, and cared for.  The baby learns that when this song is sung to them, it is time to relax and go to sleep. 

How long does the process usually take?

The whole process can take 2-4 weeks, so allow plenty of time if you want a womb song or lullaby for your baby.  I put in anywhere from 3-5 hours of work for each song I write, and make each one personal and unique.  Your womb song or lullaby is special for you and your baby, and won't sound exactly like anyone else's! 

How much does it cost?

Womb Song or Lullaby: $150 when purchased alone, or $100 when combined with a doula or music therapy assisted childbirth package
This makes a wonderful baby shower or Mother's Blessing gift! Purchase a gift certificate here. 

Why is singing to my baby important?

Studies show that when parents sing the same song to their baby in utero repeatedly, the baby actually recognizes that song after they're born, and are more easily soothed when they hear it!  Click here and here to read more about studies that have been done on this subject. 

In this 8-minute video, renowned doula and educator Penny Simkin explains the power and importance of singing to your baby in utero, and shares a couple of really wonderful video clips of babies being soothed by familiar songs. 

Here is another powerful video of a new mom singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to her newborn right after a surgical birth.  Notice how baby Asher is calmed almost immediately when his mom starts singing!