client testimonials


Andrea, second-time mom & music therapy assisted childbirth client

“Beth worked with us for my second child’s birth. She was with us before, during, and after the birth, and it was a wonderful experience!  Beth was very sensitive to our needs and she was available to us at short notice; we just texted her the minute we were going to the hospital. She arrived promptly and she set up the room with candles and very nice music. Being a music therapist, Beth knew what to look for when she was selecting the music and at no point did I feel like it was too much, too distracting or anxiety provoking. She was also very sensitive and aware of what we needed, both as individuals and as a couple. She wasn’t intrusive (which is something that I was scared about when I decided to have a doula). She was open and I felt like I could ask her for anything; she was comforting, her presence made me, my husband and the staff very calm; it was nice to have this relaxing atmosphere. It helped us to slow down and enjoy the birth of our baby.  Beth asked us what we wanted, she helped out, brought food for us, but she wasn’t pushy asking us too much stuff. She chatted when she felt like I needed conversation and company, and she stepped back when she noticed I was tired.

After our baby was born Beth came for a postpartum visit and she re-told what she had done, what music she had played, and she asked me questions to help me process what I had lived. I loved this part of her service! It was almost a second chance to be in the room, but with hindsight. It was wonderful to remember so vividly while holding my brand new baby. Beth was a wonderful part of our little birthing team and I loved my experience with her.” 


Jennifer, first-time mom & birth doula client

"Having Beth as our doula was truly the most special experience. She truly new how to comfort me and my husband. I loved the prenatal visits, where she met with us to discus our birth plan and showed us relaxation practices. I had a long 22 hour crazy labor, where nothing went as planned. She was super helpful to reassure me and make me feel strong when I was weak. It was a magical experience, one I'll treasure forever. Having a doula is a must! Thanks Beth!"


dave, second-time dad & music therapy assisted childbirth client

"Not knowing what to expect and being a little nervous having another person in the room, I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful Beth was and how appreciative we both were to have her there. We would definitely do it again!"


Chance, first-time mom & postpartum doula client

"I have known Beth professionally as a music therapist, personally as a friend, and also as a postpartum doula. She is a very warm and caring person who is very passionate about doula work. She was not at my birth, but helped me in the first 6 weeks after having my baby. She arrived on time for each visit and helped me with anything that I needed. She listened when I needed a supportive ear, which was a lot because those early weeks were very hard on me. She held my baby while I took a nap and whenever I came out from napping my baby was peacefully asleep in her arms. She helped fold clothes and cloth diapers which she is very good at, I might add! She brought snacks and helped prep some food items for dinner. Her presence is so calming and grounding for the whole family. She really is an amazing doula. She doesn't have that much doula-specific experience yet, but don't let that deter you. She has a lot of experience as a music therapist and that very easily translates into doula work. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. If you choose Beth, you will be so glad you did!"


Ellie, first-time mom & postpartum doula client

"Working with Beth in the early days postpartum really helped me to feel more relaxed. Everything was more manageable."


Sam, first-time dad & sound birthing consultation client

"We had a great experience working with Beth.  It was very important for us to incorporate music into our pre-natal process and birth experience, and Beth helped us do just that.  One of our favorite experiences was, in the span of no more than five minutes, writing a womb song with Beth's assistance.  We sang this song to our son almost every night, and often did so after he was born.   
Beth's work with us on the Sound Birthing playlists (and super helpful suggestion to buy a particular portable speaker) was invaluable during labor.  She also helped us make a custom playlist of songs that are meaningful to us.  As the birth partner, it was so helpful to have music going at pretty much all times, and I really felt myself getting lost (in a good way!) in the exploratory classical music.  It made the difficult parts of labor go by so quickly, and it solidifed my feeling of having an important role in the birth process.   

Perhaps most importantly, I am convinced that one of the playlists saved us from having a cesarean section.  We were brought into the OR for a vacuum extraction, or in the alternative, a C-section.  The hospital allowed me to bring our speaker into the OR and I have no doubt that the Native American flute playlist was what was able to get my wife Genevieve to relax, push with all her soul, and open herself up, which lead to our son coming out with the first pull.  It was also nice that these peaceful tunes were the first music our son heard after exiting the womb.  Thank you Beth for all of your work.  I strongly recommend her services!" 


Danielle, second-time mom & sound birthing consultation client

"Once our little guy was born, my sister turned on Beth's postpartum playlist. It made for such a special moment with our three-year-old girl there, and other family and friends. One song in particular always makes my eyes well up when I hear it. We love listening to the songs even now; it reminds us of that special day. The sweetest part is whenever my daughter hears the song, she perks up and says, "is this brother's birth?" She remembers. It's the sweetest! Thanks Beth, for sharing your music with our family."


Erin, first-time mom & womb song client

"Beth was wonderful to work with. She took the time to get to know us and our feelings about the new little one we would soon bring into our lives.  It was an amazing experience to hear those feelings and thoughts reflected back to us in a lullaby.  Despite having heard the lullaby many, many times, I still find myself feeling overjoyed at the way she was able to so perfectly capture the things we wanted to say to our baby.  The creation of an original lullaby has been a great experience, and is one I would recommend to others."


lauren, first-time mom & womb song client

"We've recently started to set a regular nightly routine with our daughter Nora, which includes singing her womb song. Her face lights up every time!...I love sending her off to sleep with the words of that song and her beautiful smile...Thank you again for putting together our thoughts and feelings in a way we can share them with her every night!"


Wendy, doula & drum circle participant

"I recently attended a drum circle lead by the lovely and powerful Beth Hardy. She instantly and expertly began leading the group in cooperative beats that bound us together and bound us all to her. We would have done anything for her. After each guided set, she’d bring our awareness to ourselves and our connection with the group. The circle validated a lot that I feel about myself as a person. I have rarely felt so genuinely connected to a group of humans. And through it all, Beth stood guiding us and giving us courage. It was a transformative and healing experience."


Terra, doula

"Beth is one of the most intuitive doulas I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Her knowledge in the birth community as well as her experience in music therapy is phenomenal.  Any mother looking into having an attendant who is aware of a mother's needs should consider Beth.  She is calm and can create calm for any family in any situation!  Her music is beautiful and full of emotion.  I can't imagine a better birth companion for a couple in their birthing time."