music therapy assisted childbirth

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth is a labor support method designed by a board-certified music therapist that uses specific, carefully designed music programs during labor and birth. This use of music, in addition to the support of the doula/music therapist, helps to promote a birth experience that is calm, safe and supportive for parents and babies.

As your Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth-trained doula, I will fill two roles:

  • First, as your birth doula: providing unconditional support, help with relaxation techniques, massage, position suggestions, and continuous encouragement
  • Second, as a trained music therapist: continuously assessing the environment and your progress in labor, and playing music that will encourage relaxation, connection, and deep inner calm

The Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth service includes everything from the Basic Birth Doula Package, PLUS:

  • Access to the entire library of specially-compiled Sound Birthing Music playlists to use during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.
  • During prenatal sessions we will spend additional time discussing how music will be incorporated into your labor, which will include listening to various music excerpts to determine what music you find the most relaxing.
  • Overview of the Nightly Practice Session program, which uses music to train your body and mind to get into a deeply relaxed state.
  • During your labor, I will be there as both your doula and your music therapist.  This means that in addition to providing you with the continuous physical support and emotional encouragement of a doula, I will also be playing music that is most helpful for each stage of labor, always being aware of your progress and what music would be the most appropriate.

Package price: $1,100

I always offer a complimentary, no obligation first meeting where we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.  We will also discuss your plans for your birth and how I can be of the most help to you and your partner during your birth.  To schedule a complimentary first meeting, contact me.