Affirmations for Pregnancy, Labor & Birth


Hey there, mamas-to-be.  I wanted to share with you a few affirmations that you can use to get your mind, body and spirit prepared for birth.  There is no wrong way to use these - you can say them to yourself in the mirror, set a reminder on your phone that pops one up at a random time in the day, or write them on a sticky note and put it on your car steering wheel.  

In my experience, affirmations really work, but I have to be willing to try them and give them some time.  Usually when I start using an affirmation, it doesn't really feel true for me, or "real" at first.  For instance, let's say I'm using the affirmation "my body is amazing and perfect exactly as it is right now."  At first I feel like I'm just reciting a line that isn't really hitting home in my heart.  My inner critic chimes in with, "this is silly....your body isn't THAT know you could stand to change a few things..." and on and on. 

But the funny thing is, the more I say the affirmation, write it, sing it, whatever, the more true it begins to feel for me.  And then suddenly it really hits, and a lightbulb goes on.  I think to myself, "Wow, yes! My body IS amazing and perfect exactly as it is right now!"  and my inner critic slinks away to hang out in the dark corner where it lives. 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Stuart Smalley, the OG of affirmations. 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Stuart Smalley, the OG of affirmations. 

So I invite you to give these a try.  Just pick one at first and use that one until it hits home and feels true for you.  Then move on to the next one.

And if you don't love these particular affirmations, guess what? You can MAKE UP YOUR OWN! Just listen to that inner critic for 15 seconds and see what it's telling you right now.  Is it saying that you're not doing enough to prepare for labor? Is it saying that you ate too much at brunch? Is it saying that you're going to be a crappy mom?  Well, just turn those statements around and create an affirmation around it.  For instance: Change "I'm not doing enough to prepare for labor" to "Every day I become more ready to welcome my baby into my life."  Change "I ate too much at brunch" to "I nourish my body with healthy foods, and enjoy every bite that I eat."  Change "I'm going to be a crappy mom" to "I am ready to learn and grow into the mother I am meant to be."  See?  You can totally create affirmations around anything you want! 

Here are some affirmations to get you started! 

1. There is no better time for me to be having my baby.
2. My body is perfect exactly as it is.
3. Every day I become more ready to be a mother. 
4. I trust my body. I trust my instincts. I ride the waves of change, knowing that I will be brought safely to shore.

5. I can't wait to meet my baby.
6. I breathe in peace, and exhale any stress in my body. 
7. My baby is coming at exactly the right time. 

I trust my body.I trust my instincts. I-2.jpg

8. There is nothing important enough to stress me. 
9. My pregnancy is progressing exactly as it should.
10. I can do this!